Saturday, January 25, 2014

me as a patient...

She had to make a new insertion of the IV cannula for medication access and hydration.  She did a few strokes and did not make an access.  My friends didnt interrupt her, we understand that she's trying her best.. so we said it's okay, as long as she knows what shes doin , just go ahead.  So for the second time, she punctured my vein, did a few strokes and for the 3rd time, did not make an access.  I wasn't crying at first.  I tried my best not too, But the pain was too unbearable.Being a nurse and an IV therapist myself, I was  quite dissapointed.  I do not want my RN friends Carla fresh from UAE, nick an OHN and erwin (cath lab staff) to do the insertion either because they are not the staff at this time, that's ethics. Nag joke pa si carla na "i-push mo lang yan te!" But the pain was too much.  It was so sharp and so cold! I felt so much pain inside my veins and I wanted to shout and cry at them, i said "enough na maam" gusto ko sana mas maliit na gauge pero hndi pwede 'cause I'm for IV sedation and surgery... tears fall out from my eyes.. Another NOD tried to insert the IV needle and "finally" succesfully inserted it in my vein.
A registered nurse can have this license) or a doctor. (me and my friends are all IVT nurses)

****Yung nag wowork sya at the same time SO ko sya.. ooowww i'm a lucky girlfriend :) during my confinement, he foresee a scenario daw pag magkaka-baby daw kme.. babantayan nya ko lagi and.... siya ang taga bayad ng bill :P