Sunday, October 28, 2012


Had a very blessed sunday mass then went to MarQuee Mall coz we learned Parokya ni Edgar will b there :) We're Glad they played "yes yes show" and "My one and only you" :) we're on the corner of the stage so I wasn't able to take good pictures >_<
lastly, we watched A Secret Affair although He's not into "pinoy" movies, he understands that it's an exception:D (FAN AKO NI Anne Curtis) ^.^ -----Fantastic sundate as somehow I forgot the sad experience (my card was debited wc it should not  have happened ) I bought a dress at Maldita store and used my card to pay for it, yet on the middle of the transaction, the "teller" informed me that their ATM machine cannot read my card.  I like the dress so much and  BF even told me that the dress suits my personality as it's pretty and decent. (charaught! ) :P  He offered his card instead of letting me withdraw some cash coz he knows I'm afraid that someone might bought it once I leave the store for a minute. thanks to him.. I wanted to pay him within that day so I look for an ATM machine straight off . I was shocked to find out that the 2k was deducted on my card... it was actually fault of the merchant >_<... anyway.. i know I can get it back ..  need to phone my bank tomorrow to inform them of what happened :)


Thursday, October 25, 2012

--If you dont walk the walk, its probably best not to talk the talk

Yes I'm Ignoring you..coz you keep on calling  your self a christian--- are you who you say you are? 
why don't you practice what you preach ?  now get the hint and know what to do.

Stop being proud of what you preach, sermons, posting of spiritual quotes and bible verses everyday if you can't live it.. or just SHUT UP..and start LOVING people..perhaps you might actually find Jesus yourself one day IF YOU DO.


Could you just  practice a spirituality where in you have to believe that what you put out there is what you will get back..?

hope so....

--It is so sad that there are people who believe they are above others and more spiritual because they study a certain path of spiritual wisdom. These people miss the point of what it means to be a spiritual person. Spirituality is about compassion, caring, and “loving thy neighbor as thyself.” don't be a hypocrite.--