Tuesday, May 14, 2013

make delish desserts (pag may time) :)

when summer boredom strikes? I make desserts :P

1st week of May:

 a cake dessert without turning on the oven :)

My no bake oreo cheese cake dessert  version :)

prepare  the following :)

Jello oreo ready mix

1/4 cup melted butter
1 1/2 cups of milk
1 pack (8oz) Philadelphia Cream cheese

 crust: pour the melted butter to your Jello crust mix, stir until well  combined,  :)
press the crumb mixture firmly on the pan :) 
refrigerate for 5 minutes while making the filling :)

filling: pour 1 1/2 cups of milk into bowl then add the Jello Filling Mix (pack # 2). Beat with electric mixer on low speed or fork until fluffy.  I add 1 pack of philadelphia cream cheese and beat again with electric mixer until smooth:)   

pour the filling over the chilled oreo crust then even it out until nice and flat :)

drizzle the cookie chunks on top of the cake :) refrigerate upto 4 hours or overnight for best results :)

My Tasters: Pupupie and Teddy may heart :)
it's like a no bake oreo cheese cake now :) easiest dessert I made ever :P (yet it took me 30mins to finish the preparation) :P and a "must make again" :)  who doesn't want oreo cookies? :P

2nd week:

 Ghirardelli dark chocolate brownies :)

I am so excited to bake when I saw Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate mix at Puregold Duty free :)

my first try to bake brownies...

add  the Ghirardelli mix, 1 egg, 1/3 cup of  vegetable oil, 3 Tbs sugar and 1/4 cup of milk into a bowl; stir until  well blended..   

 pour the mixture into 8inch pan, then put it in the oven (325F) bake for 20 to 30 mins. 

BTW, the ready mix has a huge choco chips inside.. you can feel and taste the choco chips in every slice of brownies :)

 soo yum thus I'll try to bake again next time.. :)

I'm planning to make cheese cake next week :) I bought a spring form pan yesterday hahaha :)

3rd Week:

 (my 2nd time to make a no bake oreo cheesecake :) )

 Enrico recently turned 24 :p . I had planned to do a no bake cheese cake again instead of a regular birthday cake that can be bought from usual cake stores :) I bought Jello no bake dessert  at Puregold Pampanga and brought it to Cabanatuan where Enrico lives hehe. 

Firstly, Enrico and I looked around for blueberry syrup/glaze, Philadelphia cream cheese, butter and milk before we went to their home :P

here's the recipe with some pictures of us while we're making the cake:

it's such an easy recipe to follow, top it what ever you like. The Blue berry syrup gives this creamy cake a rich taste and flavor :)



Prepare all the ingredients :)


1. Jello oreo ready mix crust (number 1 pack)
2. 1/4th cup melted butter

In a mixing bowl, combine the oreo mix and melted butter with a fork until evenly moistened, the mixture should be like a wet sand, pour the crumbs into tray then press the crumb mixture firmly on the tray. Refrigerate for 5 minutes



1. Jello ready mix Filling (number 2 pack)
2. 1 pack 8oz Philadelphia cream cheese
3. 1 and 1/2 cups of Magnolia UHT fresh milk

 add all the filling ingredients in another bowl 1 at a time and countinue to mix it with a fork/mixer until creamy :) (you may add half of the crushed oreos in the filling) 

pour the prepared filling evenly into the prepared crust and smooth the top with a spatula:)


so OC OC lang niya maglagay ng oreos promise >_<

1. Jello Oreo pack / crush oreo biscuits as an alternative :)
2. blue berry syrup (any toppings you want)

drizzle the remaining crushed oreo on top and pour desired amount of blue berry syrup :) refrigerete for 4 hours then serve :P

I let Enrico to finish it off >_< he's favorite task was to drizzle  the remaining oreo chunks and blue berry syrup on top of the filling :) #antiepal :P

Pupupie's Smile :)

our homemade Oreo blue berry cheese cake :)

------ Im planning to make a baked cheese cake so SOON for pupupie,teddy may heart and enrico  next time:) -----


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