Thursday, July 4, 2013



Its funny how some1 whose meant to know you well, ends up being someone who misunderstands you the most... ARGH
How can one person be so selfish... its them who done wrong... but instead of thinking oh i wanna be right now... they go and think your doing something worst... is that how they feel better about themselves? does that make them feel 'oh i didnt do as wrong as u, what i did was just minor'... cus that really makes you a better person... that isnt what you call caring for someone.. YOU FOOL!
Whenever they have done something that i dont see as 'right'.. i always give myself time to try and think in their position... i always try and figure out why they act that way... i try and understand them... i try and think in their perspective... and so far i have been able to push things aside and let go... but this time... how dare you accuse me of something i havnt done.. instead of correcting YOUR WRONG.. you go and accuse me... seriously... why do i even bother thinking in their perspective... why do i even bother trying to understand them...


  1. Which is worse, ignorance or apathy? Who knows? Who cares?

    some people are either selfish or incredibly stupid and what makes them so repulsive is when they are both ... these peole aren't worth the breathe of air just saying their names,they are one of the reasons why we have MIDDLE FINGERS and lately the source of my amusement just by watching them making asses of themselves.. they have no idea how stupidly funny they are . . .so Cheer up!

  2. they will never change.. so just ignore ! thanks Doc ! :P