Sunday, April 14, 2013

cheese filled pancake with coffee crumble ice cream

 Coffee, chocalate and cheese taste so well :) 

Me and my siblings were craving for something sweet that could also fill our famished stomachs in sizzling temperature afternoon :) 36 degree celsius   >_< and as per forecaster eh mas mainit pa in  the upcoming days

I found ice cream in the fridge freezer and pancake mix in our kitchen cabinet , the i Felt the urge to cook >_< but I'm a self confessed "the laziest/frustrated cook" in our family >_<

 "just add water" lang daw sa pancake mix :P  so okay,  ma try nga :P

cheese filled pancake top with a scoop of coffee crumble ice cream :)

small starchy carbohydrate snack during the day like this can keep your body's blood sugar and energy level even :) syempre youhave  to pair it with glasses of water (ang tamis ng ice cream kaya) or more lalo na these hot summer days or 1500ml to 2500ml of water will be good :p (increase fluid intake for patients na dehyrated ang peg? ):P pero recommended yan especialy when we sweat a lot in a very hot environment. Except for those with underlying deseases pala like kidney/renal failure. Nagkaroon ng fluid retention bcause the kidney's inaabilty to filter waste and the function of  helping to balance the fluid inside the cell /remove excess water in the body (in the form of urine) is limited or not working. excess water builds up in blood and move outside your cells making them swell in to capacity. makikita nyo patients na may KF eh ang lalaki ng eyebags or may edema "mukhang namamaga yung paa s excess fluid" (yung blog n to about sa pan cake lang excuse me haha. I was a part time clinical instructor way back 2 years kasi )  :P

these are the ingredients :)

yung nanay ko was so happy to see me in our kitchen :P while my siblings didn't stop picking on me  >_> himala daw ano nakain ko :P

natuwa nman ako naubos ang ginawa ko, eto nlang ang natira for me

that was my first attempt, I know >_< it looks like bibingka pero pancake po yan at naubos ng kapatid ko :) yummy naman daw hahaha :P


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