Sunday, May 5, 2013

Iron Man 3 and sweet cravings at Swensens

better late than never :) we watched iron man on its 2nd week :P again, the comics story of iron man is quite different to the movie and there's a plot hole:P that's what enrico told me :P hehehe...still, it was okay with me. he  has some Marvel comic apps in his cellphone so obviously he already catch up with the comic story :P.  Robert Downey Jr's was so admirable in his super hero and comedian role. We earned plenty of laughs and rendered speechless due to stunning action scenes.the movie is a perfect blend of drama, action and comedy :) I love how tony shows his sensitive part to pepper, that she is her number 1 priority :P the scene where Stark's house being destroyed by missiles sent by the Mandarin then he command his iron suit to gear up pepper instead of himself :) it was a heart wrenching moment for me >_< 

 we waited for the post credit scene, only to found out that its just kinda so so, maybe im expecting too much because it was not  a hinting at another movie like any other marvel movies (even though the story is way back 1999) :p I'll just wait for the Avengers 2 :P

  >_<    then we headed to Swensens icecream shop  :) the place is cozy and bubbly in our eyes.

I had a hard time choosing my order as I wanted to savor all of the flavors they offer. I heard that all ingredients of their sundaes were imported to our country thus all of their sundaes taste great.
so of course I took a picture of my ordered icecream before digging in :P I admired this cute "litle princess ice cream" the presentation is cutee coz Im a kid at heart:) and i love it :)
 The staff are very attentive and fast despite that they have many customers.  

 Their staff will provide you a swensen's trademark refillable glass of water while wating for your ordered ice cream :)

100%  of the menu here basicaly consists of two things:  ice cream and shakes,  But varieties of classic and unique flavors!  

teddy may heart couldnt get over with his little prince ice cream :P  it has an oreo cookie stick with real whipped cream and cherry on top, the strawberry cheese cake ice cream scoop tastes authentic as it's the most creamy and freshest fruit flavor we have ever tasted. each lick is so intense that you dont want it to end :P sweet and sour blend so perfect for my taste buds :Pthe presentation of our ordered ice cream are fantastic as they were served up in a beautiful clear parfait glasses.  the prices are not cheap but you get the top notch quality and Good thing I have an excellent control for sweets, otherwise I would have a stockpile of this stuff in my fridge :P
definetely we are coming back for more,I will have to take more time in seeing what other flavors I am keen to!  I wish Swensens open their branch here in pampanga :)  


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